In Month: August 2014

The Dark Side Of Travelling

It’s an exciting life, being a traveller. Every day you witness new things, you meet interesting people, you discover new ways of living and you eat food you never knew existed. You find yourself inspired by things you never thought you’d care about, and a new version of you is moulded with Read more

I’ve Fallen In Love With Bangkok

I still remember back in early 2013, I visited this city for the first time. I had never been to Thailand before then, yet had heard countless stories from other travellers who had fallen in love with the country. But they always spoke of Phuket, or the islands, or the small northern towns that Read more

How To Avoid Bank Fees And Access Money While Travelling (Kiwi Edition)

Note: This post will focus on New Zealand residents and how to best navigate the options available to New Zealanders. If you’re from another country, try these blog posts from some fellow nomads: Canada: Best Canadian bank for overseas travel by Wandertooth
USA: How to avoid bank fees while traveling by Wandering Trader
Australia and UK: Best banks for world travelers with lowest ATM fees 

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