In Month: December 2013

City Blueprint: Singapore

Singapore is a bit like the overachieving adopted child of South East Asia – it just really doesn’t fit in. The other countries are ridiculously cheap while Singapore is a tad expensive. The other countries have filthy streets while in Singapore you can lick the pavement. In other Read more

City Blueprint: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok seems like your typical South East Asian city – bad traffic, noisy, dirty, and sunshine so hot that it melts your cheeks. Stalls line the streets of the Sukhumvit area selling anything from frying pans to Viagra and pimped out tuk tuk’s will be offering you rides all over town. Once Read more

City Blueprint: Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a cozy little city in the south of Peru. At first glance it feels like just another tourist hotspot overwhelmed by westerners but beneath the surface there’s a little more to it. The city has a very homely feel and its narrow alleyways and cobblestone roads give it a unique South Read more

I Lost A Friend Today

I lost an old friend today. She wasn’t my best friend, she wasn’t even really a “good” friend, but she was a friend. We’d shared drinks before, shared laughs, we’d even had little chats about life and love and all the funny things in between. It’s been Read more

The Wisdom Of A Fisherman

This is a story that was written in Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4 Hour Work Week. So simple and so true. It might make you feel stupid like it did me, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need – someone to tell us that we really aren’t that smart. Enjoy! An American businessman Read more