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As it’s your first time here, I’ve put together a few links below to help you get acquainted with my site. You’ll find complete travel guides showing you how to travel comfortably and affordably, articles on self-growth and discovery, and a bunch of my own personal stories too.

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Practical Travel Guides

How To Find A Super Cheap Flight

How To Find Cheap Accommodation

How To Research Your Travel Destinations (For Free)

How To Avoid Bank Fees and Access Money While Travelling (for Kiwis!)

How To Get An Extra 7 Weeks In Bali And Save Money While Doing It

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My Resource List For World Travellers

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Life On The Road

Why Travel Is Awesome For Introverts

Why Travelling Alone Will Change You Forever

The Dark Side Of Travelling

25 Tips For Making Your First Solo Trip Unforgettable

10 Important Things You Will Probably Forget To Pack On Your Next Trip

Thoughts & Musings

Solving The Quarter Life Crisis

What People Are Doing When They Travel To “Find Themselves”

Why Everyone Should Work A 9-5 Before Travelling

Tiny Ramblings From Around The World

Travellers And Tourists Are All The Same, And Anyone Who Tells You Differently Is Just A Silly Gringo

The One Simple Lifestyle Change That Will Transform Your Life

Personal Stories

The Real Reason I Quit My Job To Travel The World

The Question That Changed My Life

Am I Suffering From Peter Pan Syndrome?

Everything I Learned About Life & Happiness I Learned From Accounting

Travel Stories

Under Stars In The Sahara

To Where The Northern Lights Go

Melancholic In Montpellier

A Bowl Of Potato Soup In Rotorua

It Started At A Salsa Club In Quito

I Found New Zealand In Ahipara

A Diary: Five Days In London

A Walk On Wall Street

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