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In Month: September 2014

A Walk On Wall Street

Isn’t it funny, how dreams can change. It was by complete accident that I ended up in New York City. In fact, I had never planned on entering the United States at all. But some horrendous travel planning and a few last minute changes was all it took to shake things up and land me in NYC for a Read more

How To Research Your Travel Destinations (For Free!)

I’ve already talked at length on this blog about how to find a cheap flight and how to find the right accommodation. However that’s (usually) only the first step; you still have to decide what to do once you land!

Researching your destination will probably end up taking up most of your time (unless of course, you’re booked on a tour), so it helps to know exactly where to look and how to find what you’re looking for. Read More “How To Research Your Travel Destinations (For Free!)”