Photos of Soi 38: An introduction to Bangkok Street Food

August 21, 2014

While Bangkok certainly has some of the most delectable street food treats in the world, the scene itself can actually be quite intimidating. Several popular spots are hidden far from the comforts of the tourist centres, many stall owners don’t understand English, and Bangkok itself can sometimes be quite a difficult city to Read more

I’ve fallen in love with Bangkok

August 18, 2014

I still remember back in early 2013, I visited this city for the first time. I had never been to Thailand before then, yet had heard countless stories from other travellers who had fallen in love with the country. But they always spoke of Phuket, or the islands, or the small northern towns that seemed to enrapture all those who Read more

How to avoid bank fees and access money while travelling (Kiwi edition)

August 11, 2014

Note: This post will focus on New Zealand residents and how to best navigate the options available to New Zealanders. If you’re from another country, try these blog posts from some fellow nomads: Canada: Best Canadian bank for overseas travel by Wandertooth
USA: How to avoid bank fees while traveling by Wandering Trader
Australia and UK: Best banks for world travelers with lowest ATM fees 

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More than just a circus: The story behind Phare in Siem Reap, Cambodia

August 4, 2014

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve slowly developed a much deeper appreciation for the arts. Music, literature, theatre and art are things I’ve often scoffed at in the past, yet my struggles with writing have humbled me a little in that arena. As I’ve discovered, creating something beautiful from nothing is Read more

A review of my first AirBnB experience (and some tips!)

July 28, 2014

I’ve known about Airbnb for several years now, but haven’t gotten around to using it until my recent trip to Manila.

If you’re unfamiliar with the site, Airbnb is a place where private home owners can rent out their properties (usually apartments) to Read more

Solo Female Travel: Talking India (and everywhere else) with Rachel Jones

July 21, 2014

Travel in India has been a hot topic recently, particularly when it comes to the safety of women travelling solo through the country.

As such, I was thrilled to find an interviewee this week who has travelled extensively through India solo and is now living in the Indian beach town of Goa.

In this week’s Read more

The practical guide to making money while travelling

July 14, 2014

By far the most common email I get these days is “Hey Bren, I would love to travel the world, I just don’t have the money right now. How do you afford to pay for it all? How do you make money while you’re travelling all the time?” Continue reading

(Almost) scammed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

July 7, 2014

First morning in Phnom Penh. I wake late, as usual. My stomach curdles, yet for some reason I’m hesitant to venture out to eat. New places seem to have that effect on me, and I haven’t quite figured out why.

After hours of flicking through TV channels, reading the news and Googling things to do in Phnom Penh, I finally I Read more

When Broken Glass Floats: A chilling look into Cambodia’s tragic past

June 30, 2014

I put my Kindle down and close my eyes, grimacing. It is not the first time this story has overwhelmed me.

I sit there rubbing my eyes, taking a moment to collect my thoughts. I’m only a quarter way through it, yet this book is consuming me. Time for a break, I decide. I look around.

A lady sits a couple of Read more

Kiwi Food Frenzy: 33 things to eat on your trip to New Zealand

June 23, 2014

Back in 2011, I took my first solo trip overseas; a full time Spanish course in the south of Spain. Each day, the lessons would have a different underlying theme, and the class would use that theme to try and explain (in Spanish) various aspects of our life back home.

It started with the weather, and the Swiss girl in class Read more